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Where's Rodney Yates?
Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005 6:52 AM

Ocean’s Eleven – Various Artists and David Holmes

Recently I spun the soundtrack to the 2001 movie Ocean’s Eleven, since I remember it having a great jazz-inspired soundtrack. While the music is as good as I remember it, the presentation suffers because the music is contstantly being mixed with loops of dialogue from the film. I already own the film on DVD and can revisit Ted Griffin’s great dialogue any time I want, and therefore when I lay my money down for a soundtrack, I want the music to be pure, so this consistently irritated me. Another thing that irritates me is that the theme that plays at the beggining of the film when Danny gets out of prison is not here. The track, Rodney Yates, can be found of David Holmes CD called “Let’s Get Killed,” (now OOP) which also has dialogue and street sounds mixed into it, but there it’s expected and welcome as it imparts atmosphere to the gritty urban mixes Holmes features on the disc. While some might argue that this is simply Holmes’s style, dialogue is not welcome on a soundtrack CD unless its placed on a separate track from the music like much of Tarantino’s film sountracks do. Also, Ocean’s Twelve’s soundtrack is thankfully free of dialogue and is a much better CD than this, so it looks as if Holmes has wised up. Dialogue also mucks up both Percy Faith’s Theme for Young Lovers tracks so you’ll have to track down that song elsewhere if you like it. Standouts on this CD are 69 Police, which was previously featured on a CD by the same name by David Holmes, and Pickpockets an original composition for the film. Due to the dialogue and the missing songs, stay away from this unless you get this as a gift.

Ocean's Eleven